Tuesday, May 11, 2004

John Kerry: Lamest Candidate Ever?

How can it be that our president has endured one of the most damaging and scandalous months for a U.S. leader in recent history and STILL ends up 50/50 in the polls with his opposition?? We've listened to the 9/11 commision hearings, countless authors coming out with books about the administration's disregard for pre-9/11 intelligence, rising insurgency in Iraq, hostages being taken, refusal to testify under oath or even document testimony, refusal to provide information about any policies under investigation, duck hunts with Supreme Court judges, doubts about National Guard service, people STILL being detained indefinitely in Guantanamo with no charges, still no WMDs to be found, and now this horrible abuse of Iraqi prisoners to top it all off. YET, the polls indicate that Bush and Kerry are more or less dead even. Plus, it seems that the majority of people who support Kerry are doing so less out of faith in him but more out of hatred for the President. Seriously, could John Kerry be any more of a non-entity right now? And this is coming from someone who would love to see the current administration run out of office. Is this the best the other side can do? Where is Howard Dean when you need him? Or better yet, swap Kerry out for Hillary and let's get it over with.

Ending rant here.

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