Friday, May 7, 2004

I Really Should Do This More Often

Ok, I'm feeling good enough now to rant about how much FUN Jason and I had last weekend on our little Las Vegas getaway! Let me state for the record that I am SO HAPPY we decided to sell our Coachella concert tickets on Ebay and stay in Vegas for the whole weekend instead of splitting our weekend between Vegas and the concert. Now, never in my right mind would I have sold those tickets if we didn't already have tickets to see the Pixies play in Chicago this November. Since the Pixies were the only reason I wanted to go to Coachella in the first place, I gladly took the $400 the friendly person on Ebay sent me! More money for us to spend on vacation! Plus, I'm definitely not an outdoor music festival kind of girl, and I've never liked camping that much either- especially in 105 degree weather. I'll take my air conditioned hotel and cocktails on the Vegas strip- thank you!!
But back to our marvelous trip. I knew we were going to have a good time when we our first Elvis impersonator wearing a security uniform and unloading luggage at the baggage claim area. It's funny, because we had set aside a couple hundred dollars for gambling but once we actually got out there, the idea of feeding the slots for the whole two day had kind of lost it's luster. I did throw some cash away to the machines and Jason played a bit of the video blackjack and poker but mostly we re-allocated our money to food and drink as we trolled around all the ritzy casinos on the strip. Our hotel left a lot to be desired so we spent our time at fancier places like the Bellagio and the Venetian (one of which we are totally staying at next time- I don 't care what we have to do!) We were out until 2:30am- which felt like 4:30 to us central time zone dwellers so we were pretty exhausted when we made it back to the hotel. On Friday we hit the street again after a greasy diner breakfast and walked through a lot of the shops, picking up a few little items including matching "Vegas Girl" t-shirts for me and Juliana. I also took a photo of Jason next to a wax Whoopi Goldberg outside of the wax museum. That night we had one of the best meals ever at a French restaurant called Le Cirque. It's probably the only fine dining establishment that serves it food on plates decorated with dancing monkeys. After polishing off our decadent desserts we spent the rest of the evening on the patio at the Fontana Lounge watching their lights and fountains dance along to the music of Frank Sinatra. Vegas is probably one of the few places where one can get a job choreographing for water fountains.
It's funny because it doesn't seem like we really did a whole lot outside of our big dinner on Friday but that's precisely why I think we had such a good time. We had nowhere to be, nobody to take care of and nothing to worry about for two full days. We basically got to stroll around in the beautiful weather outside during the day, and hit all the hot spots at night. We were on our feet constantly but I still felt completely relaxed. When can I go back now?

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