Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A Sad Sad State

Blah. After last night's State of the Union address I'm feeling really depressed. I'm so sad about where our country is going and about the people who are leading us. Politics make me so angry in general but I don't think I've every been so upset as I am at our current administration right now. Just when I think it can't get any more ludicrous I'm proven wrong again. I really love the country that I live in, but I'm so disappointed in our government. For example, this proposed constitutional ammendment to "protect" marriage -- basically denying gay people the right to get married. Seriously, what are people afraid of? Are gay people really that scary? Why are we protecting Britney Spears' right to be married for 55 hours but we won't allow a committed gay couple to get married? I was really disgusted by all the people applauding this. I don't understand how gay marriage affects anyone besides the two people in the relationship. It certainly doesn't affect my life or take away from my commitment to my marriage at all. I think that people who get married frivolously without understanding the idea of commitment are much more damaging to the so-called sanctity of marriage than anything else. Is is just misinformation and ignorance that makes people so afraid? Any argument for marriage being only for men and women is rooted in religion which I thought was "supposed" to be separate from government in this country.

Blah. I could go on and on about all the other things the President said that made me angry but I'd be here all day and then I wouldn't feel any better about it when I was done either. I want things to change but I'm not very hopeful that they will. People seem to be blinded by all kinds of fears these days. I want to believe that we are a country of good people and for the most part I still feel like that is true. I just fear that there are more ignorant, elitist, bigots in this country than I ever imagined and that just makes me depressed. I hardly have the energy to be angry anymore because I'm just sad.

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