Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Old Me is in Here Somewhere...

Well, I'm slowly continuing to shrink, although not as quickly a I would like. After I had Juliana, I only "sort of" dieted and didn't do much exercise other than a bit of Pilates and yoga (which I was just learning at the time) and I dropped all 40 pounds in about 4 to 5 months. This time, I don't really feel like taking that long to return to my old body so I've been exercising a lot harder and eating much less- especially compared to how much I ate while carrying a nine pound baby! Anyway, two weeks after having Ava I had lost about 24 pounds (out of 45 total) and at four weeks I've only lost a pound and a half more. Grrr! The Pilates exercises have really flattened my previously huge belly but I'm still just bigger than I was before so my clothes don't fit yet, which is unfortunate because I really really really like my clothes. Well, anyway, my Dad bought me an aerobics step for Christmas and I just started doing that about 30-45 minutes every day starting this past Monday. I'm thinking things should start picking up and hopefully I'll be able to drop the remaining 18 pounds or so rather quickly. I'm kind of a fanatic when I get into an exercise routine, which is good because I'm not as self disciplined when it comes to dieting. I keep hearing about all these no-carb diets which are supposed to work wonders but I absolutley cannot give up bread for any length of time. I'm a weak woman when it comes to that. I can stay away from pasta and cheese and desserts but I have to be able to eat crackers or toast or chips and salsa. Well, enough boring diet talk. I've only had to do this one other time in my life so it feels wierd to be so focused on losing weight. I am so looking forward to buying new clothes this spring though! My birthday is coming up in about 6 weeks so hopefully I can reward myself with a little shopping.


  1. Tracey, maybe you could just try switching up your refined sugar carbs for whole grains. I went on Suzanne Sommers' diet for a little while which wasn't quite so restrictive. And now that I'm back off of it, I still can tell a difference in how I feel since I switched up to whole wheat pastas, bread, and cereals. Maybe worth giving a shot?

  2. I just noticed that your comment was here! I'm kind of slow lately. :-) Thanks for the diet tip although I seem to be having more succes now that I've started my new exercise routine. I'm obsessed with my aerobics step now. I've also been cutting carbs and trying the slim fast shakes which seem to be working since of today I've lost about 33 pounds!