Saturday, November 29, 2003

Keeping Busy

Well, since we found out about baby Ava's impending arrival, both Jason and I had started a number of little organization projects since we figure we most likely won't have any time to get stuff like that done for the next, oh, say eighteen years. Anyway, now with my due date only 26 days away, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm now nearing the end of my to-do list. I've got absolutely everything ready for the new baby so I'm concentrating now on my huge photo project, which involves printing all the photos from our digital camera from the past year or so and getting them into photo albums and scrapbooks. I'm also adjusting all our digital pictures in Photoshop and re-burning them to disc so every photo I have on cd is already rotated to the right direction and color corrected and such. This is a very time consuming task since we have files dating back to 2000 when we bought the camera and we've never thoroughly sorted through them all. I've also been noticing just how many shots Jason has taken of himself staring blankly at the camera with his mouth hanging open. Apparently he finds this quite amusing.

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