Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Bowling for Columbine

We finally watched Bowling for Columbine the other day. I'd have to say that it does have it's biases but overall it is a very good documentary about violence, guns and fear in America. I had read that a lot of conservatives were complaining about how Moore edited the film and claimed that he fabricated things but I honsestly don't understand the level of outrage. I did disagree with the connection he seemed to be making between the presence of a Lockheed-Martin plant in Littleton, Colorado and the tragedy that took place there, and yes, the clip of Charleton Heston raising the rifle over his head proclaiming, " from my cold dead hands" did not take place at the NRA rally in Littleton after the shooting, but on the whole, I thought the film was an honest presentation of facts about our country's obsession with violence. I most wholeheartedly agreed with the proliferation of fear we seem to have here in the United States and it was interesting to hear how few gun related deaths take place in countries like Canada, Germany and France where they see the same violent movies and tv shows, play the same video games and listen to the same music. Also, it always makes me laugh when people try to connect metal or goth music to teen violence I had to nod my head when the question was raised why there isn't a school shooting epidemic in Germany- the goth/industrial music captial of the world! Good god, did I even agree with what Marilyn Manson had to say in his interview? Egads. Anyway, I'm glad I finally saw this movie and would defintely recommend it. The saddest part, to me, was the montage of all the U.S. led invasions over the past 50 years or so set to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World". Geez, that was depressing. I just used that song as part of Juliana's birthday video and she came running into the room yelling, "IT'S MY SONG!!!" Note to self: Never watch a movie while she is awake again- even if she is playing happily in the other room! We usually never do that and will continue to wait until bedtime to watch dvds in the future...

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