Saturday, June 28, 2003

Weekend Stuff

Well, Jason is in Milwaukee helping Billy move his stuff to Rockford so I'm kind of stranded for today at least. It's not so bad though since the weather is beautiful once again. Juliana and I spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday and she played in the dirt while I laid in the sun reading. That's my girl, loving the dirt. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I gar-de-ding!" I'm reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's last novel, "Priestess of Avalon" and it's quite good. It was actually completed by a good friend of hers after she died so I was kind of wary at first, but this author seems to have really picked up on Bradley's style. It's still not as good as my all-time favorite "Mists of Avalon" but it's enjoyable and I can't put it down. It's nice to read some good fantasy fiction again after reading a string of non-fiction books for school.
Not that this is related to anything I just said, but I thought this picture of me and Billy at Brad's wedding reception was really cute so I'm posting it.


  1. Which book is immediately after _Mists..._? There's at least one in between that one and _Priestess..._, isn't there? Just checking! I wanted to finish that series, too.

  2. Well, all of the other Avalon books take place before "Mists" even though they were written afterwards. Bradley wrote "The Forest House" next, which is the earliest in the timeline. Then she wrote "Lady of Avalon" which is actually three separate stories that occur inbetween "The Forest House" and "Mists" and ends with the story of Vivianne. The one I'm reading now also takes place after TFH and before "Mists" but somewhere inbetween the three stories of "Lady of Avalon." Confusing? It all makes sense when you read them! Feel free to borrow at will from my extensive library of fantasy fiction. :-)