Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Past

After ordering my holiday cards on Shutterfly I realized I had 8 years worth of Christmas cards saved to my account. I wish I had them saved going back farther! I keep every card I receive from friends and family every year in a box but I can't find copies of our own cards earlier than 2007 (pre-Shutterfly era.) I'll have to do some more digging though some old computer files I suppose. Oh well, let us reminisce a bit with what we have:

And finally... our 2014 card!


  1. Hrm can't tell if comment posted or not, so in the interest of being slightly OCD and wanting to make sure I shared my sentiment with you... What I tried to post earlier was that I'm lucky to have received 5 of those cards, which means 5 years of a friendship that I am truly grateful for. :) xx

    Also, what are you doing to your house? I am so curious and excited!

  2. Two projects at once! We are adding on to the kitchen at the back of our house and also combining two of the bedrooms up stairs to make a master bedroom. Coffee/whiskey date in the new kitchen when it's done!