Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm kind of an all or nothing person. When I'm into something I'm waaaaay in to it. Otherwise I'm not. Running, dancing, sci fi/fantasy tv? I get those things. Cooking? Nope. Camping? Double nope. I also go through phases where I'm super excited about certain things and then super not. I fill up my To-Do list to the brim with all the little things I want to accomplish. And then the next week all I want to do is multi-task Ticket to Ride on my laptop with SVU reruns while hiding from the piles of laundry that are slowly overtaking my home.

A couple of weeks ago was our much-heralded Kid-Free Week of the summer. The girls spent eight days in Rockford at with their cousins galavanting about at camp while Jason and I galavanted about the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. In addition to a slew of "Secret Dates"- ranging from fine dining and theatre to hiking and a painting class- we also spent some time lounging around by the pool making lists of things we would like to do if we had all kinds of time to do them all.  I don't mean things like traveling the world for a year (that's later down the road) but rather the little things you always mean to do if you just set aside the time, sat down, and got that business DONE. Things like learning a new song on the guitar, framing some old photos, writing projects... you know, creating something.

So I've set a goal of doing at least one creative project per month. I don't know how many months yet, all I know is I have a list of fun ideas that I want to plow my way though. Yes, it's now the second week of August so I've already got something in the works that I hope to complete pretty soon- definitely by the end of the month. (I'm not against doing multiple projects in a month but I need baby steps people. Baby stepping.) I'll try to share most if not all of what I do.

This is me putting my intentions out into the world. Holding myself accountable.

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