Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Race Shenanigans

So these are the races I've pretty much committed to running for 2012 so far. You'll notice there is a huge gap in the summer and that's because it's pretty much in the air right now. We're contemplating taking a trip to Europe (!!!!!) so naturally I'm already plotting to find a European race to run- most likely a half marathon. We have no idea when or where we are going yet though so you can see why it's undecided right now. If we're not overseas on on July 14th then I'll definitely be back in Baraboo running Dances with Dirt again, although this time I'd like to try the 50K. Yes that makes a lot of 50K running this year, don't I know it!

2/4/12 John Dick Memorial 50K (a.k.a. Krista's Birthday Party in the Woods)

3/31/12 Chicago Lakefront 50K
5/5/12 Wisconsin Half Marathon
5/20/12 Rockford Marathon
6/8-9/12 Ragnar Madison to Chicago Relay


9/?/12 North Face 50 Mile
10/7/12 Portland Marathon

I do realize that the first half of the year is very similar to 2011's races. However if we do end up traveling out of the country this summer that will blow everything wide open. Plus: PORTLAND IN THE FALL! Whee.


  1. You're doing the Wisconsin Half toooo?? Yippee!!!

  2. Back-to-back 50ks? Yay! I did that in 2011. They were two weeks apart.

    I hope someday I can make it to Chicago to run a 50K there. Sigh.

    You have a very nice race schedule for the upcoming year. Good luck with them. Portland will be lovely that time of the year. :)