Monday, March 28, 2011

50K Number TWO!

I know I made a mini-post on Dailymile about this weekend's 50K in Chicago but I was so tired at the time I didn't get to express what I wanted to. I kind of feel like I want to point a big finger at the race report Marty posted and say, "Yeah. THAT." because he already captured a lot of what I wanted to say about the actual course.

I want to add a few things though before I forget in the haze of recovery and training for new races. First of all, even though this was not my first 50K it felt just as special because I was able to cross the finish with such special people. (Schmoopy, I know.) At the race last fall, I ran by myself and although it felt particularly badass to be able to do so, this was a totally different experience. I was a little afraid that Rochelle in particular would hate me for talking her into doing such a crazy thing so I was thrilled that she had such a great race and actually wants to do MORE. Getting to spend the previous evening with Ro, Krista, Marty and Annie acting like total dorks was awesome. I love love love these people. And Amy K. with her cowbells driving up and down Lake Shore Drive with Anne was the icing on the cake. Nobody else out there had the kind of support we had.

I love the vibe of ultras because there's not the grandeur and the stress/pressure of marathons. (Of course, there's a place for them as well but I *get* why people are easily hooked on the ultra distance.) We took our time, made leisurely stops at 5 mile aid stations and really enjoyed ourselves- as much as we could under the brutal wind conditions! The stretches of the course that were wind-free were like heaven and we would literally let out sighs of relief. Because of the wind, I was worried a bit about my plan to get to the final turnaround (about 26 miles) without feeling like I was going to die. However, I think because we took those breaks it really evened out the added difficulty of the wind. Last fall, I finished ten minutes quicker- really only because I took much shorter breaks at the aid stations- not because I was running faster- but at the end of this race I actually felt STRONG. In the previous race I got slower and slower with each mile at the end while this time we actually had our last two miles the fastest. Sure, those last two miles hurt like hell (I remember saying: OH MY GOD. THERE'S THE FINISH. OH MY GOD) but it felt less like a death march and more like we were a Wall of Awesome.

I can't wait to do it again, and again, and again.

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  1. Awesome job Tracey! I hope to do this race next year. :)