Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Making Christmas

I am a Christmas-making MACHINE! Once I set my mind to something I tend to overdo it and holiday preparations are no exception. It's not that I'm necessarily trying to be Supermom but once I get in a particular mode I just go into ultra-mega-overdrive. This week I decided that Thou Shalt Be Christmatized and attacked my surroundings appropriately. Christmas lights up on the porch? Check. Candied pecans in the oven? Check. Christmas card photo and 2010 calendars printed, gingerbread house decorated and Christmas tree bedazzled? Checkity-check-check. Mom: 1 Christmas: 0. Wait. That doesn't sound right. Let's just say we are all winners! Oh and did I mention that I ordered almost all my gifts online already? Double win! I'm not trying to gloat, I just figure that I'm going to be coming down from this high soon and I want to remember this feeling when my cats have torn down the tree and I haven't wrapped a single item at midnight on the 23rd. Until somebody invents a way to bottle efficiency I'm savoring the moments I can get. Now if you'll excuse me I have some peanut blossoms to bake.

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