Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still Going...

You haven't heard from me because, well, I've been running. And running and running and running and running. If you've seen my Daily Mile widget over on the sidebar you might have noticed my 18 mile run last Sunday. Followed up by a little kayaking because frankly, why not? I'm actually kind of surprised that I'm not still wallowing on the couch after that weekend but for some reason I ended up not feeling anything afterward. Nada. What's up with that? Is this what happens when your body starts adapting to strenuous activity? Somehow I think I won't be quite so lucky after the actual marathon. Which is....let's see....58 DAYS AWAY! That actually seems kind of far but the way this summer has been going I'll wake up next week and it will be almost Christmas. I've already bought all the girls school supplies and they have their first day of school outfits picked out. I guess I'm running out of interesting things to keep them busy so I'm on to the next thing already. What on earth I'm going to do when they are back in school all day is another question. I don't really want to talk about it yet. Hey, get off my back!

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