Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Am I?

So, this past week I ventured out not once, twice, but THREE TIMES to be social with people I met on the internet IN PUBLIC. Weird, huh? Dateline warned me about meeting people on the interwebs but Stone Phillips be damned I didn't pay attention. I've been a member of Daily Mile for a few months now and after chatting with a fellow runner Anne, who lives in Bay View for a while I finally met up with her at the Badgerland Striders marathon build up last Saturday and we had a great 8 mile run together. She introduced me to another runner there and we ran again this weekend for a whole 16 miles. Yup, I said SIXTEEN MILES! It felt so awesome but truth be told I felt a bit like my body was entering the early stages of rigor mortis a few hours afterward. Despite this, I am feeling right now that I am soooo going to kick some marathon boo-tay.

So in addition, I somehow mustered up the courage to go meet a group of Milwaukee Twitter users at a Mexican restaurant for margaritas on Friday night. Like, by myself. Only knowing the aforementioned Anne and maybe two other people on the guest list from their Twitter usernames. Whaaa? I was afraid that I would be the n00b crashing their little social media gathering but everyone I talked to was super cool and didn't smack me when I said I hated Star Wars. Oh, and if you're wondering what a bunch of Twitter nerds do at a tweetup? They totally tweet about what's happening. Right at that moment. Hilarious.

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