Monday, January 26, 2009

Inaugural Weecap

So I've now had almost a full week to decompress and gather my thoughts about last Tuesday's inauguration festivities and yet it still feels like anything I could possibly write here would be completely insufficient. On one hand I look at the images on the news of the National Mall filled to the brim and I think Oh my god I can't believe I was actually in that crowd! but then I also think that anything on television or the internet fails to capture the enormity of the occasion and the sheer joy that radiated from everyone who took part in it. As Steph said to me "Sounds like everyone had their love-thy-neighbor on." Everyone was courteous, friendly, exuberant and willing to stand for hours with as much personal space as a folded up newspaper in order to watch the president get sworn in a mile away on a gigantic jumbotron. I have to say that it was unlike anything I've ever experienced before to be in such a diverse group of people from all across the country all cheering for the same thing. (Yes, there were some boos for Bush like you all heard on tv- which I admit wasn't really keeping with the spirit of the day but come on. Like that really wasn't going to happen?) Anyway, even though we were a teeny dot out of of a couple million it was pretty amazing to share a piece of history with all those other dots scattered across the Capitol. Sure it was cold and crowded and we had to walk for miles and wait for hours but I have to say that if you're going to be a part of a mob of people, it certainly helps for it to be a happy mob. It's not so bad to be squished like a pancake when you and all your neighbors have smiles on your faces. Even the girls did a great job and I have to admit it was pretty rough to be a kid down there. I have no doubt that they will appreciate the a fact that they were there down the line and share this story with their friends. And thank god we didn't get stuck in that Purple Tunnel of Doom, right? That's way worse that having your kid need to poop right in the middle of everything.

That reminds me: Nobody had to use a port-a-potty that day! Success!

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