Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This. Is. Wrong.

This showed up on my inbox today forwarded from a friend of a friend. (Yes this is from a real person- it's not one of "those" forwarded emails.) Make of it what you will:

On Monday, the 17-year-old son of our friends Mandy and Melissa had
gone to the Twin Cities for the day with his pastor and a group of
teens to peacefully protest the war at the RNC. While there, he was
brutally beaten by five police officers and detained without being
Mirandized and without a phone call, despite his repeated requests to
call his parents - a violation of Minnesota law. He was ultimately
released without his wallet, phone or shirt and wandered the streets
until he met a stranger who let him borrow their cell phone to call
his mom.

It may sound far-fetched to believe that Keith didn't provoke the riot
police, but in this beautiful age of technology we live in, the truth
is contained in numerous YouTube videos and news photos showing Keith,
a practicing Buddhist, actively not behaving provacatively. Michelle
Tucker blogs for VITAL Source under the heading of The Free Speech
Zone.. She picked up the story and started gathering more information.
She has posted about it extensively today and will continue to do so.
Please go to her blog to see for
yourself. And then, please, please share the URL with anyone who might
be interested. More good information is available from the Minnesota
Independent (, with sites and
blogs now picking up this important story.

If you want to know even more about the protests at the RNC, do not
rely on your favorite major news organization. Go to YouTube and
search for RNC Protesters. Or dig deeper on the internet to find news
from independent sources. Corporate news companies are still toeing
the party line on this story - Anarchists got out of line, the police
heroically stepped in to save the RNC and the people of the Twin
Cities from the dangers of rioters. But this is only about 10% of what
happened yesterday. It is important to see it for yourself and make up
your own mind.

Scary. Here I was laughing at the people carrying marijuana signs behind Chris Matthews' head on MSNBC but I had no idea stuff like this was happening.

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