Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ready. Set. Go.

My knee injury is a thing of the past! I'm so happy. It's been touch and go for some time but this past week I've started running 2-3 miles outside again with no pain (except for the sweltering heat.) Let me say it again: I AM SO HAPPY! I can sign up for the Komen Race for the Cure now without any anxiety. Not to mention I can work out the way I want to again and hopefully slowly raise my mileage so the same injury doesn't happen again. I'm inspired by the upcoming Olympics and really want to get into top form in the coming weeks. It's been almost a year since I started my last full-body overhaul and though I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't keep off the second ten pounds of the twenty I lost last fall I'm trying to be happy that I could at least keep off ten for this long. (Plus, I will be re-tackling the second ten pounds with a slightly less mountain to climb so yahoo!) Of course, I need to keep reminding myself that Olympic athletes have no other obligations other than to train all day so tranforming myself into 41-year old Olympic swimmer- and overall pillar of awesomeness- Dara Torres is kind of unrealistic.

So... I'm hyped to be a running machine again (if only a puttering slow one) and after nearly a week in to my new regimen I'm feeling fantastic.

Now I just have to figure out a way to stay healthy on our vacation next week where I will visit THREE 5-star restaurants in three days. I have spectacular timing don't I.


  1. Yay!!!!!!!
    I am hoping to start running again in the next week or two. Go us! :)

  2. Hey there,
    Im 18 and a new mum,
    I came across your site, and your girls are gorgeous.
    I think you should have another for sure :)
    Oh i was also wondering if there was any way that i would be able to talk to you regulary because you seem like a lady who knows alot about babies.
    Thanks anyway,
    Take care