Monday, April 7, 2008


Oh my lord I thought this day would never come. This past weekend (after having a snowstorm on April 1st) it reached almost 60 degrees here in Milwaukee! It's like people have hatched from their little Wisconsin winter pods and are out walking dogs, riding bikes and running by the lake. Heaven. We took the girls to a local bike shop and bought them both new bikes. A two-wheeler for Juli, and Ava's first real bike with training wheels. I've got my eye on a sweet bike there myself that we may pick up in the next couple of weeks. I haven't had a bike since around middle school, but since I also once thought I would never be the type of person to run multiple miles for enjoyment, i think it's about time I reconsider the bike thing and give it a try.

Speaking of running multiple miles for fun, I don't really want this to be strictly a running blog, but I ran outside for the first time since last October (back when I was really pitiful at running outdoors) and I can't believe that I jogged around the park/neighborhood for a FULL HOUR. I didn't have a watch on me but I decided to run at a slightly slower pace than i do on the treadmill and to just keep going until I absolutely had to stop. Well, that point never happened and when I got to the end of my playlist on my ipod and I really could not believe it. I'm starting to think that the five pounds I've put back on since the middle of December may actually be muscle. (Yeah yeah, excuses, excuses....) Still, with the weather finally turning around I'm looking forward to may afternoons and evenings like the one I had last night.

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