Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Finally! Geez, sometimes it seems like I should already be this old but I'm just now getting here.

(I've posted this photos a couple of times before but I just love it so much. That, and chocolate cake.)

Now where were we... It goes without saying that Vegas was awesome. No freebie penthouse suite this time around but I somehow won 300 bucks playing craps (I know! Really!) and fed myself lots of five star food and wine. Mmmm. The company I was with didn't hurt either. On the personal assessment front, I will reveal that I lost twenty pounds this year between Juli's birthday and Christmas. Yay! Unfortunately since then five have creeped back up so my target for the next two months is to get that back off plus a couple more for insurance (which is what I had intended to do last fall but once Christmas hit I was frankly distracted again by all that chocolate.) I finished my 365 Days Flickr photo project although I still have to upload the final week or so.

Since I (surprisingly) have reached my goal for the past year of getting into fabulous shape I suppose I need to pick a new goal for the coming year. Basically-but in a very vague way- I want to take this new decade I'm living in as an opportunity to try new things. I'm not sure entirely what that will mean yet but I'm just putting the idea out there as I haven't quite figured it out for myself yet. With this birthday I'm entering into a new phase, Ava's getting ready for kindergarten in the fall, times they are a-changin'.

As far as this website goes, I can't seem to put it away even if I go for long periods with not much to say. As soon as I figure out how to do it, I'll be combining this site with the Gessner Girls page again so look for that to change.

I also have an awesome photo of Jason and I on a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Coming soon, folks. Oh yeah, and I have my first massage EVER scheduled for tomorrow morning. Life continues to be good.


  1. I'm late to your party, but no less enthusiastic for it: happy birthday, my friend!!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! Congrats on the shape-up...and everything else sounds wonderful too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday !!!
    Gee, I wish I was 30 :)
    Thanks for posting those Obama videos.
    I don't watch much TV and hadn't seen him speak yet.
    I'll be voting for him too :)
    As far as Hannah Montana, I have a 10 yo daughter.
    So I know all about her. My favorite song:
    Nobody's Perfect :)

  4. You will LOVE your first massage. Enjoy!
    Can't believe Ava and my J are old enough for kindergarten already. It seems as if they were just toddling around at Alpine Park.
    Glad you had a great 30th. :)