Saturday, November 3, 2007

You Know You've Been Brainwashed When...

You're driving in the car singing along to High School Musical 2 on XM Kids when you realize there are no children in your car.


  1. I wasn't even listening to HSM on the way to school the other day, but did that stop me from singing "Running Free"? No way. Driving down Hwy 100, in the 'burbs, sans Maddie, driving a station wagon and singing High School Musical songs.
    And we're supposed to be the "cool" moms. Egads. ;)

  2. Not on topic, but I thought you would like this article if you haven't read it already:
    "Goodbye to All That

  3. Sarah- Thanks for the article! I had not seen that yet. Wow, that pretty much put into words why I dare to dream that Obama will win the nomination. I don't think I can take any more liberal/conservative, Red State/Blue State divisiveness. I realize of course that it won't go away with Obama running but if anyone can start to lead the country away from all that garbage, it is most definitely that man and NOT anyone with the last name Clinton. (Or Bush for that matter!)