Monday, September 10, 2007


I have started stripping and restaining the built-in cabinet in our dining room. It's been a slow process but so far I removed all the drawers and cabinet doors and was able to refinish them outside in the back yard. The finishied stain looks really good-much better than this picture, in fact- but as you can see now the cabinet has a tan line of some sort. It will be hard to strip the old stain off of the parts that can't be removed from the house because of the fumes and the mess so I'm debating whether or not I'm going to tackle it in the next couple of weeks or wait until spring. I'm really not looking forward to the intense smell permeating the house but on the other hand I can picture the finished product in my mind and it's so purdy! Plus, can't you just see some stained glass in those cabinet windows?

(Pardon the blurriness.)


  1. It takes more work, but Tung oil is a more "natural" option and won't blister or anything in the humidity. It also doesn't stink as much as poly. The trick with TO is that you have to sand between coats to bring out the shine.

  2. I personally think stain-glass figures of you and Jason would go much more with the decor of the house, don't you?

  3. Sarah- That's an interesting idea. Though I think the part that stinks the most is the stripper paste! Not much I can do about that though. Stain that is 100 years old needs a lot of it too.
    Hey, where's your baby? Is that a silly question?
    Michelle- You and Jason can BITE ME! :-)

  4. Ah, stripper paste will do it. I hadn't thought of that. Guess you can't avoid the smell then. :(
    Baby will be here on the 17th unless he comes before then. An eviction notice has been sent out!