Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I just finished watching tonights episode of So You Think You Can Dance and I would just like to point out which style of choreography kicked all the dancers behinds:

Modern. Heh.

(Ok, they call it contemporary on this show, but still. It makes me feel like at least I used to be kind of a tough chick. Just don't ask me to dance hip-hop.)

And just for kicks, something else I can't do:

You really should be watching this show. Thank me later.


  1. Your thoughts on Lacey Schwimmer, please?

  2. Ok, when she first auditioned I didn't think she was as good as Benji and that he upstaged her. I also think she probably made the top twenty because her brother won last year and it makes for good tv. BUT, I really really liked the piece she danced in this week. (I loves me that wacky Mia Michaels.) I also tend to prefer the modern dancers over the ballroom ones though- hence my love for last year's Travis. So anyway, I'm waiting to make my final judgment but right now she's getting a tentative thumbs up.
    And there you have it.

  3. Oh and I think that Lauren will be ruling and Faina, not so much.

  4. What about Anya and Danny? You like?

  5. I DO like. They were pretty awesome. It will be interesting to see if Anya can do other styles though. It's obvious that Danny will be able to do just about anything!