Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hellooooo Internet!

How's is going? It seems like so much time has passed since we last chatted. There's so much to talk about! Like, did you hear that Paris Hilton is going to JAIL? Oh wait, I'm sure you already knew that, being that you are the internet, but still! If that isn't the best thing I've heard all week then I don't know what is! Maybe that Chicago is bidding on the 2016 Summer Olympics? Awesome! I can picture already me and the girls riding the train in to catch some 75-pound Romanian gymnasts! This is assuming of course that my kids will want anything to do with me in 2016, but if not I'm sure Steph will still love me and we will wave little American flags and yell "Stick that vault landing!" together. Also, were you aware that The Office is the best thing to happen to my tv since Arrested Development got canceled? And you know the what's even better? People actually watch this show so it won't get canned. Imagine that! So do you think Jim and Pam will ever get together? Because she was all kinds of crazy to turn him down at the end of Season 2. I mean, I'd totally marry him in a heartbeat (that is if I weren't already married and if he wasn't a fictional character.)

So I guess what I'm saying internet is, life is good! The sun is shining, summer is coming, and Paris is headed to the slammer! Woot!

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  1. Shit yeah, I'll go to the Olympics with you!