Saturday, September 16, 2006

Me: 1 Metabolism: 0

I lost four pounds this first week! Take that! I tell you this is the only diet that ever works for me but it is incredibly hard to do. Somehow Jason lost four pounds this week too which is no fair since he didn't suffer nearly as much as I did. I'm eating burgers without buns and salads without croutons! Not a single slice of bread, not a pretzel or a Wheat Thin have crossed these lips! And oh, the ice cream left uneaten... Ok, enough talking about carbs.

Let's see how long I can keep this up.


  1. What do you use for information? The book? A website? I've thought about this one for a while. Another diet that appeals to me is the "French Women Don't Get Fat" non-diet, but I don't want to pay to be part of that one.

  2. Well a couple of years ago I bought the South Beach Diet book. It's an interesting read (it gets you psyched up to try it) and there are a decent amount of recipes. Since then they have published another book of recipes but I haven't picked it up yet. What's hard about it (besides the no breads part in the first stage) is that you really have to think ahead for each meal and do a fair amount of preparation. If you don't then you get stuck eating the same stuff over and over again which I tend to do. Of course, it helps me to have a set routine even it gets monotonous. I've never paid for the online portion of it because I don't think I would use it. I think it's mainly message boards and support stuff and probably a food diary and weight tracker which I've done on my own anyway.

  3. Tracey--if this is too personal of a question, you can just shoot me an e-mail. :) Years ago I tried the Suzanne Sommers diet, which is also a high protein/low carb/healthy foods kinda deal. I had to stop, though, because my digestive system was ANGRY while I was following the diet. I have a very fussy digestive system so it may have just been me...any issues along those lines for you?

  4. Diane- The first time I did the diet I didn't have any problems although this time after the first two days my digestive system did get a bit angry on the third day. I'm assuming it was because up until then my diet was mostly all carbs and switching to only meat, veggies and cheese was rough on my body. I only felt like that for one day though and everything adjusted after that.
    Of course I did eat bagged spinach that weekend so it could have been that too! Who knows?

  5. Ha. Thanks for the info!
    By the way, I don't recommend Advant Edge Carb Control shakes. I bought some b/c they were the only milk-free meal replacement drinks I could find. It's like drinking liquid chalk. Bleh!