Friday, August 11, 2006

Sorry Excuse for and Entry (Otherwise Known as Yes, I Am Alive, Albeit Very Cranky)

Not much happening around here. Ergo not too many posts as you can see. With two kids at home this summer I've been feeling a bit like a maid and that my friends, takes up huge amounts of time. (See: human vacuum cleaner.) Today though, I received notice in the mail that says school starts up again on September 5th! Can I have a Woo!? And possibly a Hooooo! I love Juliana, really I do. But the girl needs constant mental stimulation that I simply cannot provide and the solution does not lie in having her spend more hours with the Nintendo. Along with school starting, soon will come soccer! And ballet! And quite possibly Girl Scouts! I will no doubt trade in my maid's apron for a chauffeur's cap. And the world will be as it should.

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