Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bring it.

Nothing like a family vacation followed by a holiday weekend filled with sloth and cheesecake to get you back on the summer fitness wagon! And oh, how I had fallen. Of course, if you're going to be bad, you might as well be reeeely bad right? (Then again that's probably the same logic that probably turns shoplifters into bank robbers. But you know what I mean.) So I'm starting again today. For reals. And it doesn't help that the older I get the more work I have to do to keep this here body in shape. (I know, boo hoo.) It's not enough to do a little yoga and handweights in the evening anymore, I'm sad to say. It seems I have to beat my swiftly-approaching-thirty-something bum into submission to get any results these days.

And to that I say: It's on.

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