Monday, October 18, 2004

On My Mind

-City of Schaumburg: why on earth would you have a six lane road with a speed limit of 35 mph?

-On the radio this morning there was an interesting story about the women's suffrage movement and they said that one group's argument against suffrage was that giving women the right to vote would be detrimental to families (in that it would undermine their traditional role in the American family). Sounds like a similar argument going on today, eh? Defense of marriage anyone?

-O'Reilly, O'Reilly, O'Reilly. Oh my goodness.

As if I needed another reason to love Jon Stewart, he brought the smackdown on Tucker Carlson on CNN's "Crossfire" the other day. If you didn't read this story already, read the short version here or read the transcript here and smile along with me.

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